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Dewald's Testimony

It gives my great pleasure to write this for and to one of the most inspirational people and products I have ever encountered in my 16 years of personal development and success coaching.

My name is Deald Lindeque. I met Petro Lombard in January 2013. During the first few moments I had with her it became crystal clear that this woman had something so special, so profound, so authentic, it oozed out of her. She possessed warmth and love such as I have seldom seen. At this stage I did not even know her story.

A few weeks later we attended a conference together. Petro, myself and another lady had to drive from Johannesburg to the Drakenberg. During this trip I was amazed at her passion and commitment for her family, children and for life in general. When she spoke, she spoke with authority and conviction. One story in particular caught my attention. She had a little affirmation she used when she was expecting her little girl. It was a sort of blessing she professed over and into the life of her yet unborn child. How profound an impact that story and subsequent revelations from Petro would have in my life, the life of my children and many others, would have been impossible to imagine.

I have 3 children. Jessica is my 21 year old daughter, my 14 year old daughter is Shannon and my son, Dalton is 12. I thought I had a good relationship with them. I believed in them and tried to motivate and build them up whenever I remembered to do so.

Approximately two weeks after we returned from the conference Petro revealed, with great humility I might add, the life changing book she had been working on for a long time. I would say I was surprised but, it just seemed logical that a person like Petro would produce something so magical and be so gracious about it. I Speak Life was briefly shown... I was captivated, dumbfounded and in awe with what I saw. That day the penny dropped. I decided to start Speaking Life with my children. In fact I decided to start Speaking Life with every person I met.

To put to words the metamorphosis my attitude under went would sound metaphysical. I started in earnest telling my children about this little book and practicing the principals suggested in I Speak Life. The changes in the life of my children, all of them, are so incredible, words fail me.

Jessica has taken control of her life in all areas. She phones my daily to give me an update or, maybe to brag I suppose. Prior to changing the way I spoke to her and the words I used when I spoke to her, I would only hear from her when she needed something or wanted to complain. I used to sigh when I saw her number come up on my phone. Now, I would excuse myself from a meeting to answer her call. She is a different person. She is so beautiful and loving. How do you thank someone that was ultimately responsible for such a change.

Shannon, I called her Bibab, was a very loving soft child before. She did however have a low self conference. Petro suggested I change Bibab to "Liefste Bibab". At first it felt so weird to say that, but now I am the only one allowed to call her that. She is blossoming is the love and life giving words been spoken of and to her. She now tells her friends what an awesome Dad she has and her confidence has received a turbo boost. She now tells me to smile whenever I look serious or stern. She hugs me 20 times a day and share so many things with me that she never used to. Again how do you thank someone for that. Not to mention the effect it is going to have on her for the rest of her life.

Dalton, my youngest and my boy. We have always had a very good bond and he has always been very loving and caring. He is a Grade 7 boy that still runs towards me when I fetch him from school. He is so proud of me, his farther, and it makes me feel like a king. If he could choose to spend his time in any way, he would choose to spend it with me. I always thought we had a perfect farther son relationship, but I didn't think it could improve as significantly as it did. When Petro first told about the affirmation she used to Speak Life for her children I decided right there I am going to start doing this with my boy. As Dalton did not do well in school we started speaking life to him with the following affirmation: "I am a healthy, good, disciplined and clever boy that loves to read and have a very neat handwriting..." I could attempt to convey they improvement in confidence and general happiness of my boy, but that could be considered, subjective. The one thing that is very measurable is his grades. I started this affirmation during February 2013. The first quater report card was nothing remarkable, pretty much on par with what we were used to. The end of the second term however, his overall average increaded by 11%.

I Speak Life and Petro Lombard has added so much value and richness to my life and lives of my children and nothing would be able to convey the gratitude I have. I always considered the bond my kids and I have to be strong and healthy, but yet a few simple changes made such an enormous impact on the quality of our relationships. I can only imagine the quantum leaps of change, some life giving words would have on the craving heart of a needy child.

I would like to wish Gods richest blessing on Petro, Andre and their two beautiful girls. May God bless and grow, I Speak Life, the new and refreshing way to bring His love and life giving promises and words to the ears of the ones who are ready to revceive it.

Thank you