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About us

In 2004 I was inspired by a sermon about the power of words by Pastor At Boshoff   (Christian Revival Church).  At that stage I was a new mom with a burning desire to give my daughter, Tehillah the best chance for her future.  I wrote this book for her and used it every day to imprint the life-giving expressions into her sub-conscious mind.
I added her name and photographs of her into the book to help her understand that the blessings in the book is applicable to her personally.  Her joy and excitement in seeing her own face and hearing her own name was so rewarding.  When I saw the positive effect of the book in Tehillah’s life, I was determined to share it with others.

May this book bless the children in your family, as it did mine.
petro lombard


The vision of Speak Life is to make people aware of the fact that words are powerful and have a significant influence on those who hear them.

It is our vision to inspire families to choose words that are motivating, positive and constructive.

A portion of the profits of Speake Life is donated to children with special needs and learning disabilities.


The mission of the Speak Life book is to equip :
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Guardians
  • Teachers
  • Au-pairs,
  • Aunts and uncles
  • Brothers and sisters

with a practical method to communicate positive words to and about their children.

It is not only important to read the book to children but also to get into the habit of applying these principles to everyday activities.

The purpose of this book and how to use it

This book is aimed at parents, grandparents, family and other caregivers reading with and for a child.

The purpose of this book is to develop the following habits when speaking to (or thinking about) children:

Notice and enjoy the changes and effects your life-speaking words will have on your children. When the book is read, the child can make a connection between his/her photo, name and what is being read in the book. The child will come to realise that the blessing is being declared over him/her. Your child will take ownership of every spoken and written word, and this ownership can become a source of confidence, a beautiful self-image and a kind heart.

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